Your website is absolutely vital to your online success, but most websites are unwittingly set up to fail.

You see, there are really only two kinds of web sites, web sites that sell and web sites that don’t, and this simple definition is incredibly powerful because it focuses your attention on the one result that matters – SALES – and isn’t that the measure of any successful business?

HERE’S THE BOTTOM LINE: In this day and age, it doesn’t matter what you are selling or who you are selling to, your customers are researching their purchases online. so there is a very high probability that BEFORE people do business with you, they will visit your website.

So it is absolutely crucial, especially if you are spending any money what-so-ever on advertising, that you have a ‘web site that sells’, because if you don’t, you are metaphorically shooting yourself in the foot.

Here’s why. If someone searching for something online visits your site and they don’t take an action that forwards a sale, like calling you, joining your database or buying something, they are statistically unlikely to ever do business with you, and will probably end up buying from a competitor that has a website that is better than yours.

That’s why you should speak to us before you create your next website.

You see, our business and our passion is understanding consumer behaviour on the internet. As a result we build watertight online sales machines that get people who visit your website saying to themselves “WOW, these guys are the people I’ve been looking for.” That’s the definition of a website that sells, and it catapults you to the top of their buying list and makes your sales grow.

So how do we go about building websites that sell?

To start with, we spend a lot of time researching you ideal customer, their needs, problems, fears, frustrations, desires and aspirations, i.e. all the things that are driving their searches on the internet!

Then… with this deep understanding of your clients motivations and aspirations, we create a strategic website and craft a powerful sales message, that, ideally, we incorporate into a perfectly crafted ad; designed specifically to intercept your ideal prospects when they are actively searching online for the answer to their problem, which your product solves.

From there it’s a simple matter to get them to visit your website, and given that your website is a website that sells, you go straight to the top of their buying list.

That’s what we call a strategic website, and I can almost guarantee you that your competitors don’t have one.

But in today’s world, isn’t it just common sense that your business should have this kind of approach to marketing on the internet? If you don’t, I can assure you, you are leaving money on the table!

So if you’ve read to here, well done, and please, hang in there with me a moment longer, because there’s one final thing I want to explain for you, and that’s just how and why so many businesses end up sabotaging their own success by creating a websites that doesn’t sell.

It’s because most businesses go and see a web designer when they want to make a website, and most web designers don’t know the first thing about building a web site that sells…

As shocking as this sounds, it’s absolutely true, and the reason why most web designers don’t know how to build a website that sells is because most web designers are graphic artists, they are NOT marketers. In most cases they DON’T know the first thing about selling, online marketing strategies, search engine optimisation, copywriting or any of the other vital skills that are necessary to develop a website that sells.

Mostly they just know how to make things look nice! So let me ask you this?’ Would you ask an artist to do your tax return? Of course not. Well then why would you ask a graphic artist to make your website for you? It’s just as absurd!

Now don’t get me wrong, I’m not saying that the skills of a graphic artist aren’t relevant, it’s just that they need to be managed by an internet strategist; otherwise, as sure as night follows day, you’ll end up with a website that doesn’t sell. Especially if you follow the graphic designers lead and write your own sales copy when he asks you to.

WARNING: Good copy writing and salesmanship is the core of a website that sells, and it takes expert skill and training to craft a great sales message. And yet most business write their own web copy. If you’re smart, you’ll be thankful that they do, because if you get us to write your copy, you’ll ‘have it all over them online.

So what’s the moral of the story? To get a website that sells, you need to see a web strategist, not a web designer, and that’s why you should call Click Campaigns. We only make websites that sell – because making anything else is just a waste of everyone’s time and YOUR MONEY.

I wish you every success in business!

David Mollet
Chief Internet Strategist
Click Campaigns

Ph: 613 9435-2051