Why SEO Prices and Plans are Misleading Rubbish!

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Why SEO Pricing Plans are Misleading Rubbish!

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And the most important questions
you need answered if you’re
considering doing SEO.

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MelbourneHow much does SEO cost?

It seems like a perfectly reasonable question to ask, doesn’t it?

So how come it’s so hard to get a straight answer?

Why is it that when you hit the pricing page on SEO websites you get a confusing array of ‘comparison tables’ with long and mysterious lists of “things” you’re supposed to get with each plan; (none of which you understand), and when you reach the bottom of the long list of ticks and crosses, 9 times out of 10, the plans don’t even have a price, just a contact us now button.

Seriously, what’s the point?

And in the rare instances when you do find SEO pricing plans with prices, why is it that the prices vary so wildly between suppliers?

How are you meant to tell the good from the bad, the ‘real’ from the ‘get real’, the rip-off from the reasonable?

What you Really Want when you’re
Searching for SEO Pricing Plans is
an Answer to 5 Simple Questions!

  1. Can I have a reasonable estimate of costs,
  2. Can I have a reasonable estimate of the rankings I’m likely to get if I go ahead
  3. Can I have a reasonable estimate of how long it will take to get these rankings
  4. Can I be assured that the methods you’re using are safe and won’t cause me to be penalized by Google,and finally, and most important of all
  5. Can I be reasonably sure that the investment I make will generate a profit…

Because let’s face it.., doing SEO is absolutely pointless unless it’s going to make you money! So in the Final Instance…

 The most Important Question
about the Cost of SEO is Can My
Business Make Money Doing SEO

And the truth is, you can’t get a realistic gauge on whether or not SEO will be profitable for your business, without first creating a plan that takes into account all the unique aspects of your market, your business, and the relative strength of your competitors online rankings on the keywords you want to rank for.

Then, and only then can you start planning what you need to do to beat their rankings, and whether or not you can do this profitably.

Which is why the first thing we offer anyone considering doing SEO is the opportunity toGet a Free SEO Planning Session with a REAL Internet Strategist, rather than stare at a series of confusing meaningless SEO pricing tables.

Here’s what you can Expect to Get
from your Free SEO Planning Session.

1. Help Creating a Realistic SEO Plan for your Unique Circumstances and Business Goals.

Because every business and every market is different, our first goal is to help you create an SEO plan that suits your unique circumstances.

Simply give us your website address and a few other details, and we will do some preliminary research to see if you can realistically expect to rank on Googles first page for keywords that are likely to lead to sales.

2. Honest Feedback about What we Find.

As much as we’d like to do business with you, if we feel we can’t help you run a profitable SEO campaign, we’ll tell you, and we won’t try and sell you any SEO.

Our goal is to create lasting, win-win partnerships with successful clients. That’s what success looks like to us, so that’s the kind of business we aim for.

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