Google virtually IS the internet…because when people think “I’ll research that on the internet”, they go straight to Google. In fact “let’s Google that” is now a colloquial verb in every language.

So if you’re a business that wants to be found online, you simply must have a Google strategy.

At Click Campaigns we understand Google intimately. We know what Google wants from a website to rank it highly, and we’re expert in the various ways you can use Google to get traffic so you can attract and win more business… profitably

Google strategies fall into three broad categories:

  • On site Search Engine Optimisation i.e. on site SEO
  • Off Site SEO and
  • Search Engine Marketing, i.e. SEM

To ascertain the strategy most appropriate for your business, we analyse your business process and research your ideal customer’s typical online behaviour. We also look at the current level of sophistication of your web presence, because its pointless sending traffic to your website unless it will convert a high percentage of that traffic into sales. In fact, if you’re wanting to exploit the opportunities Google can create to for your business, having a strategic website (ie a website that sells) is crucial.

After completing this background research we can recommend a course of action that will leverage Google in the most appropriate manner for your budget and business.

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